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I really just gotta love the people im really friends with. I feel… 
22nd-Sep-2009 08:30 am
I really just gotta love the people im really friends with. I feel that its nice being able to just sit back and relax without any drama from my friends lately. even though every now and then i get in a bit of a conflict with somone i know it seems like things pass really quick compared to some other crap that happend 2 years ago. i have some great friends and im pretty happy that i have them. now on the other hand i do have some pretty close friends who are exstreamly stupid which is getting me to become pretty distant with them. others i have become exstreamly close with and some i have just no idea what im thinkin about being around them. i really feel like i have two really close friends here and all. i got one who always can get me to laugh and i always have a fun and crazy time with (aka sugar parties)and then i have my other friend who is a total sweetheart (at times) and always seems to let me be myself not to mention we have fun (when he isnt talknig about his boyfriend)

now to talk about other things. I am currently and forever in love with this guy named joey. me and him have been together for a good 4 years going on 5. he is a sweetheart and somtimes a bit strong headed but i look past that. i enjoy being with him i mean he makes me so happy and he treats me pretty good. i know ive only had like maybe 4 bfs but he treats me so much better then any of them. when im with him i feel really great. some of my friends dont really approve of him though and some even say that he doesnt deserve me because of all the things i do for him but i donno i think we are about perfect for eachother hehe and i love him so much and i know a few times he even asked me to marry him and yea i did say yes because i really love him and really wanna spend my whole life with him. i wuv my hunny-bear.

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